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How to create a bootable Windows 7 USB ?

Three things required to create a bootable Windows7 are:

  • ISO Files.
  • Magic Disc.
  • Win to Flash.

ISO Files: ISO file, which is also known as a disc image, has .iso file extension. It contains a copy of the entire CD/DVD from which it was extracted. It means when you burn an ISO file to a blank disc, you’ll get the same files, folders, and properties as the original disc.

This can be downloaded from Torrents or any original DVD can be used to create ISO(Image).

Magic Disc: MagicDisc is a free software designed for creating and managing virtual CD drives and CD/DVD discs. It allows you to use almost all CD/DVD image without burning them onto CD or DVD.

Step1: Right Click on MagicDisc Icon.

Step2: Select “Virtual CD/DVD-ROM”.

Step3: Click “Mount”.


  • Browse and select the CD/DVD image you wish to mount.
  • Click “Ok”.

Win to Flash:

  • USB Flash disk/Flash drive/Pen drive/Thumb drive, etc
  • Computer with CD/DVD drive to build this Windows 7 setup Flashdisk (or you may use computer without CD/DVD drive, but you have to copy Windows7  setup files from another computer to your hard disk)
  • Computer with or without CD/DVD drive (e.g. Aspire One)

Step 1:

Download WinToFlash here

Step 2:
Extract the zip file, then double click on WinToFlash.exe

Step 3:
Click Accept button…

Step 4:

This program will transfer Windows setup from CD or DVD to flash drive Recommended to switch on Wizard mode for users have no experience of Windows setup fine tuning Windows setup transfer wizard Following basic instructions you will transfer Windows setup program to flash drive and install Windows on PC have no CD or DVD drive.

Click the button to enter Wizard mode…

Step 5:

This program will help you to install Windows from a flash
To access other features and advanced options swicth to advanced mode (for advanced users).

for now, we will use wizard mode instead of advanced mode, so click Next…

Step 6:

Specify locations of files and drive

on Windows files path click Select button

Step 7:
Select CD/DVD drive that contain Windows 7 CD or folder that contain Windows7 files… then click OK.

Step 8:

Specify locations of files and drive

on USB drive click Select button.

Select USB Flash drive … then click OK.

Step 9:

Specify locations of files and drive

Click Next button…

Step 10:
Select “I Accepted the terms of the license agreement” then click Continue…

Step 11:

Warning! Formatting will erase ALL DATA on target disk. To format press OK, to quit press Cancel

Click OK…

Step 12:
Please wait while WinToFlash transferring Windows setup to flash drive.

Step 13:
Finished… click Next then Exit
USB Flash drive ready…

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