How To : Integrate Arrowchat For Core PHP Website / Application

Arrowchat is one of the powerful tool for chatting between users or friends of website,

There’s a easy installation options for many CMS like wordpress, joomla and drupal but they provide a file integration.php for core installation also,

You can find this file in “includes” Folder.

You need to change in 3 functions :

  1. get_online_list
  2. get_link
  3. get_avatar

get_online_list :

This function is important because it shows list of online users

Above is the original function provided by arrowchat, You’ve to just modify query nothing else Check above example :

get_link :

This function is also important, its hyperlink (Profile Link) on name of online users

Original Function :

Modified Example :

get_avatar :

This function is also important because it shows avatar (Profile Pics) of users while chatting :

Original Function :

Modified Example :

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