How To Create Infinite Scroll Pagination With WordPress


We will use WordPress’ ajax functionality to make the call for this pagination. First we prepare the basic function for our pagination, please insert the following code to theme’s functions.php

This function will be used to make the call for our pagination, basically we send two variables to this function via ajax, one is the page number and another is the file template we are going to use for our pagination. To enable this […]


How to create a bootable Windows 7 USB ?


Three things required to create a bootable Windows7 are: ISO Files. Magic Disc. Win to Flash. ISO Files: ISO file, which is also known as a disc image, has .iso file extension. It contains a copy of the entire CD/DVD from which it was extracted. It means when you burn an ISO file to a blank disc, you’ll get the same files, folders, and properties as the original disc. This can be downloaded from Torrents […]


Generating a PDF in CodeIgniter using MPDF


Many times we need to generate reports in our applications it may be in the form of charts, excel sheets, or PDF. I assume that you are at an intermediate level and able to generate the report in HTML form and now only facing problem to convert it into PDF format. Here we are going to Generate a report in PDF format. There are many libraries available for these purpose like FPDF, PDF etc. In […]


Extract Youtube And Vimeo Video ID From Link


Sometimes we’re having problem to get video id from link to embed video in iframe, but however we find out temporary solutions but after few weeks we forget that function or method. There’re 2 main video sites youtube and vimeo and now we’ve functions for both youtube and vimeo. you just have to pass video link in function and it returns video id. For Youtube :

For Vimeo :


How to overcome 500 internal server error when installing magento


If you are installing Magento and you have uploaded your Magento files to your host and just when you are about to run the Installation wizard, you get “500 Internal Server Error”. This error is because of the inappropriate file permissions.


How To : Get Specific Div From AJAX Response

AJAX With jQuery

Nowadays, We like to use jQuery to submit forms or use AJAX for many small small things, But sometimes we need only specific div to perform action or do something but the problem is AJAX returns full page data in response, getAjax.php :

Suppose you’re calling ajax to getAjax.php from index.html and you want only “.class1″ content in response to append in “#main”, Here’s the code : index.html :


How To : Integrate Arrowchat For Core PHP Website / Application

Integrate Arrow Chat With Core PHP

Arrowchat is one of the powerful tool for chatting between users or friends of website, There’s a easy installation options for many CMS like wordpress, joomla and drupal but they provide a file integration.php for core installation also, You can find this file in “includes” Folder. You need to change in 3 functions : get_online_list get_link get_avatar get_online_list : This function is important because it shows list of online users

Above is the original […]


Remove duplicate rows from a mySQL db table


To remove the all the duplicate entries from a particular mysql table, use the below mysql query : Step : 1

What the above query does is, it will create a new table with the filtered data (all duplicate entries were deleted). Note : replace the whole  [COLUMN TO remove duplicates BY] with your column name Step 2: After that delete the old table

Step 3 : rename the new table


Direct Download link for adobe reader


adobe introduced their down-loader which downloads & installs the new version of adobe reader. This is frustrating many times as we may need to install the application from the system and not download it everytime from internet. This will help people with average / slower internet speed. http://get.adobe.com/reader/direct/ NOTE: If above link is redirected to normal page, click Download then cancel the down-loader and click on Troubleshooting Information at the bottom of downloading page. On […]


How To : Add Custom Dashboard Widget in WordPress


There’re few plugins which add custom widget in dashboard to get more attention, for example informing about their new versions or latest news about that plugin etc etc. We can also add widget in dashboard easily for our plugins or themes with wordpress function “wp_add_dashboard_widget”